About Province Town

Provice town is a small town located in Northern Massachusetts. The town is also home to the province town coin exchange. We are one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the state of Massachusetts.

Founded in 2013, the Province town coin exchange had a mission to connect buyers and sellers of a digital assets. Initially, the coin exchange focused on being an intermediary between the various different online digital exchange platforms.

We allow our traders to trade a range of different cryptocurrencies. We offer up to 20 pairs on our Peer to Peer exchange. We also have plenty more resources for people to make use of in order to improve their trading returns. These include educational resources, news and information.

We are also one of the most security conscious online exchanges. We will take every care to make sure that customer confidentiality is preserved when handling the coin transactions.

If you had any questions about the Province Town coin exchange, we would be more than happy to answer them. If you are waiting for approval from compliance, you can reach them at compliance@provincetowngov.org.

If you had a more general question about the manner in which the exchange operates, you can contact our customer service on support@provincetown.org.